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May 5, 2008
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My Website Design by kickass-peanut My Website Design by kickass-peanut
I was working on this for HOURS in photoshop yesterday...I think I finished at 2 in the morning or some other disgustingly early time like that...

This is my main design for my website...the notebook is going to be a consistant background with things like a 'gallery' a 'designs' page (for papercraft and doodles) Copyright information, buying links, guestbook and emails.....the whole hog.

I need to design an 'enter' page to go with it now.... and upload it of course...

FizziKiwi is helping me with it all as I don't know where to start with putting it up and links and allsorts....I should figure it out Pretty quick as I did with my journal css.

Would love to have something up by this evening maybe though,

Address is [link] (I went for .com as it was global and not too expensive a domain)

ANYONE caught stealing this will be bludgeoned with a massive HAMMER! (C) me, mine, hannah' get thie picture
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hdindy13 Aug 2, 2011
OMG! ur name is Hannah 2?
ryanqm Nov 26, 2010   Filmographer
Live link you have given in the description is showing some other design ????
ryanqm Nov 26, 2010   Filmographer
very cute, but the only thing i dont like in this design is the coin's pile. could be a better illustration for this.
very very beautiful design i love it sooo much keep doing beautiful designs like these ^_^
Cali2007 Mar 12, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
that's so cute. I went to the site and I LOVE IT!!!

Great job!
On my FireFox tab it says "untitled document" on your website.

Have you put <title>*insert sitename here*</title> in your <head> tags at all?
Hitsuji-Yukai Aug 14, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I very Like your plushies, and I liked bough most plushies of you but it's impossible?! please Kickass-sama!!!
Your notebook background repeats on large resolutions (like mine). I suggest setting its repeat parameter to "no-repeat" so it only shows once, and make the background color be that pink you have.

It's gonna be hard to squish all your content onto that paper! It's cute, but not very reasonable.
yeah I know I'm working on it....but I really need someone to come over and help me put it up and stuff as I don't know what I'm doing lol :D
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